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Choosing "B.E.T.T.E.R." looks different.   

Finding peace, tranquility, motivation, stability, or any other term that an individual, family, or community may use as a means to define what they are looking for in life, looks different. In transition, we often lose sight of our goals and next steps.  

Through Counseling, Coaching, and Case Management, we believe that anyone can become B.E.T.T.E.R. 

"Believing in yourself is a matter of taking the next courageous step, into a brave direction, facing the very thing that you view as opposition. "

~A. Maurice Harvey, President~

The Clinical Team

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A Note From Our President

A. Maurice Harvey, LCSW, LISW-CP

Mental health often has a negative connotation. I believe that mental health is just as relevant as physical health. In fact, I often correlate the two when explaining how overall wellness looks. When a person describes their symptoms to a medical professional, they in return receive a diagnosis and a means to work through the physical ailment. In mental health the professionals are tasked similarly as medical professionals. The key to healthy progress and overall mental wellness is in delivering the diagnosis and treatment in a manner that the client can both accept and agree to work through with support. Therapy with a counselor can look and feel differently. Finding someone who you can work with is important.

Once I got into "the business" of mental health it was apparent that theory and application looked very different. In an age where mental health is still taboo and often disregarded,  mental health professionals must be very skilled in their approach to client specific services. 

In many communities it is difficult to address concerns with someone who appears relatable. As a black male therapist practicing in the greater Charlotte, NC area I am dedicated to working with you on your goals. 

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Kevin C. Edouard, LCSW


Mental health as a conversation topic has changed throughout the years.  For some groups, it has become less of a stigma to talk about; however, it is still one of the most difficult conversations for others.  Whether it’s something easy or hard for you, and you are here, chances are you are looking for a therapist; maybe even a specific type of therapist. 


I have been working in the mental health field since 2015.  My background in therapy includes work in schools, family therapy, individual counseling, and community based work.  I have worked with toddler aged children up to retired seniors. As a black male therapist, I utilize a myriad of therapeutic perspectives to assist my client’s despite any cultural differences I may have with them.  My goal is to provide a comfortable space for someone on the journey of bettering themselves.  


I want to meet you where you are. I’ll offer unbiased feedback, challenge unhelpful beliefs, and offer strong recommendations. I use a variety of treatment models as each person is unique and may not benefit from the same approach. 


You've made a positive step towards your future, I commend you for deciding to improve your mental and emotional health! It is not an easy journey, but you have made a step towards getting better. 


Becoming Empowered To Transcend Every Roadblock

  We have a 3-pronged approach coined the 

"Triple C" method:

Seeking counseling services can be intimidating.  Our counseling service is setup to mirror our style of coaching; hands on and supportive. We are open-minded and non-judgmental in our approach to helping clients explore options for their idea of B.E.T.T.E.R for them. Therapy is available for individuals and groups.
It is not uncommon for professionals to feel the burden of the clients that are served. We are open and prepared to work with professionals in any realm of mental wellness.

Coaching is the foundation of choosing better. The idea that hands on assistance (learning while doing) has been around, ultimately, since the beginning of time. Learned behaviors occur in every observable facet of life, from children learning from their parents, to new employees learning from their colleagues. Observation and demonstration are two keys to creating fluidity in service provision. 
Case Management

"Busy"ness can cause even the most organized person to feel overwhelmed. Our case management is designed to assist in organization, goal setting, and strategizing realistic client-centered tasks. 
By approaching services using the Triple C method we look to identify and reduce barriers, modify maladaptive behaviors, and develop a plan in the event a crisis occurs. In this manner, we believe that our clients will experience a positive change in 3 ways:  

  1. Alternate viewpoint of their own abilities
  2. Re-experiencing of supportive systems​
  3. Multi-faceted response to adverse situations 

Affiliations and Partnerships

The Work We Do

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Emotional Masks

Depression, fear, and anxiety hold some of the most common and uncomfortable set of emotions that we can experience in our lives. Through therapeutic treatment, we are able to assist you in recovering motivation, perspective, and the love of life that you once enjoyed. 


Many individuals experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that linger post traumatically from events. We can assist you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief progressing towards healing. 

Our behaviors, thoughts, and words are a reflection of how we view situations. There are times when we are able to maintain our composure and then there are times when we are not our best selves. The problem with behaviors, thoughts, and words is that once they are poured outwardly there are no "do-overs". Processing emotional hurt with a therapist can provide clarity, and empower you to make progressively healthier choices. 

Remember, only you can choose better 4 u!

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when you know BETTER

you do BETTER

only if you choose BETTER

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Services offered


  • Therapeutic Services (Office and Natural Environment Based)
    • Behavioral
    • Cognitive
  • Clinical Oversight
    • Staff and interns (BSW/MSW)
    • ​LCSWA Supervision​
  • Grant Writing 
  • Event Planning
  • System design for organizational flow
  • Brand management

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